Time Travel is Possible: And How it Causes Depression Part 1

Time travel is possible. How do I know, I do it everyday when my day begins to dip to the negative.

My mind takes me back to the mistake I made in 1984, when I didn’t have the best attitude towards those in authority over me. 

My mind travels back to 2008, when I knew the choice I made to move my family across the country was the wrong one, but the moving company just pulled up with everything we owned ready to be unloaded.

Yes, time travel is possible, and the mode of transportation is our mind, our memory, our thoughts. 

And with the the event from the past, comes a judgment about ourselves. "I am a failure. I have nothing to offer anyone. I am not very smart to have made that decision," plus so much more.

The question that has plagued me for years is how do I stop this time travel. When I stumble in the present I am loaded up in the time machine and sent back to many of the locations where a memorial stands for all the negative things I did in the past. 

However, today I have found the brakes to my time machine. I have been searching for the answer for some time and I think I have found it.

Tomorrow I will show you how to stop your Time Travel and save yourself from so much emotional upset!

Until next time,

Dr. Mike

A Memory of a Crying Father

This video illustrates why as males, men and especially growing up as boys, we might be challenged to fully feel and express our emotions to those around us.

This short 1 minute and 24 second video is for Men and Dad’s and the way we model our emotions in front of our children. It will make you rethink your emotional expressions.

A Positive Suicide Attempt Outcome-Because Someone Noticed

Rarely in my work as a Suicidologist do I get to talk about someone who was ready to end the emotional pain of their life and because of the care and concern of another, their life took a different direction.

Here is one of those stories. How one soldier took notice of another one and came to save his life. This brief video explains it all,

Dr. Mike

kcentv.com – KCEN HD – Waco, Temple, and Killeen

A 12 Year-Old Sends a Text Two Days Before He Ends His Life

A heart breaking story of a middle school student who two days before he took his own life text a friend.

Had he only had the Teen TXT Crisis Line number to talk to a Text Counselor about his emotional pain.

What is it like to attempt suicide and survive?

This short video clip provides insight into the thoughts of someone who attempted suicide and lived to tell us their story. Reach out 7 days a week from 3 p.m. to 12 a.m. CST for someone to talk too. The TXT Criss Line s 855-449-1212. We are here to help!