3 Ways to Provide Trauma-Informed Care to Traumatized Children and Teens-Pre-recorded Webcast

Half of American Children have experienced one or more Traumatic Event by the time they are 18 years-old!

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) that equals nearly 35 million children nationwide who have faced a traumatic event.

These children and teens are in your Church’s Children Church, Youth Group, Sunday School class, Daycare, and Pre-School. Do you know how to help them deal with their trauma? Would you know the behavior of a traumatized child or teen who you interact with in your church or children’s or youth program?KIDS1

In this Pre-recorded 40 minute Training Webcast, which you can watch on your schedule, you will learn:

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How it All Begun-Teen Text Helpline

It really happened by accident!

I was asked to teach an intro to psychology course at a local community college one night a week, and I told the newly graduated seniors, starting their first year in college, that the easiest way to reach me was through a text message.

I received texts about the syllabus, how to fulfill assignments, and the due dates for upcoming projects, but I never anticipated receiving this text from an 18 year-old male.

            “I am going to kill myself…”

He sent me another text right after the first, “I have been cutting myself all week and now it is time to finish the job.”

His words stopped me in my tracks. This shocking revelation came in following a class about 10:30 p.m. and when I read what he wrote I sat down in a chair in our bedroom.Crisis words

For more than 90 minutes, I text this young man back and forth until he was no longer actively suicidal. What brought him to that decision is too much to share in this letter, but I finished that text conversation close to midnight and realized here was a need going unmet!

From the fall semester of 2014, through the spring semester of 2015 I told the students that my text number was there for more than just syllabus and assignment questions. I invited them to text me about the crises they faced. Moments of mental health emergencies, and traumatic events they were experiencing, and the texts started to flood my cell phone.

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Give to Launch a Faith-Based Teen Text Helpline

young girl texting and cryingTeens are Texting! Teens are in Crisis. For teens, texting isn’t a novel form of communication; it is the default way to communicating!

Texting allows teens a level of privacy that the voice phone call makes impossible.

If they are hiding from an abusive relative or they just don’t want their friends to know how overwhelmed they feel, a text message, even one sent in public, is safer for a teen than a phone call.

For these reasons and a host of others, I want to invite you to join us in launching a Christian Teen TXT Helpline.teen leaning over in crisis

The idea is simple. Supply Churches and Communities, especially Rural communities where suicide rates are greater, an 800 number where a teen, parents, teacher, or Church leader can text in and get help with a teen facing crisis.

Trained Volunteer Text Specialists from across the nation sitting in the living room, kitchen, den, or bedroom with their laptop or desktop can Chat or Text with a teen facing an overwhelming crisis. Parents can ask questions about their teens and understand how to help them better. Pastors and Youth Pastors can text for advice.

This work has already been done in a Pilot program with one person for the past year, and now it is time to launch the Teen TXT Helpline to Expand the Future, involve more Text Specialists, and to reach more teens.

But we can’t do it without your help!

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Why a Teen Crisis Text Line?

As we prepare to launch the Christian Teen TXT Helpline, here is the case for why we need a Teen TXT Helpline.

I look forward to laying the overall plan in the next few weeks!

Texting Habits of Teens

This simple infograph shares with you the reason we are launching a Teen TXT Helpline!

Visit often for new details of this exciting launch!