Smarter Teens Are More Likely To Drink And Smoke Pot


Smarter Teens Are More Likely To Drink And Smoke Pot

Teenagers are known to experiment with drugs and alcohol, but research has shown that a student’s academic performance may predict which type of illicit substances they’re more likely to abuse.

For example, a new study on English school children has shown that top performing students are more

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“Help, There is a Bully in my Head.”

Compare and Contrast the bully in your head on the left, and the truth and rational thought on the right



Using Cold Water to Lower Emotional Intensity

Cold water can work wonders

When you put your full face into cold water . . . or you put a zip-lock bag with cold water on your eyes and upper cheeks, and hold your breath, it tells your brain you are diving underwater.

This causes the “dive response” to occur. (It may take 15–30 seconds to start.) Your heart slows down, blood flow to nonessential organs is reduced, and blood flow is redirected to the brain and heart.

This response can actually help regulate your emotions. This will be useful as a distress tolerance strategy when you are having a very strong, distressing emotion, or when you are having very strong urges to engage in dangerous behaviors. (This strategy works best when you are sitting quietly—activity and distraction may make it less effective.)

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