Learn in Less than a Minute How to Help Someone who is Suicidal

It only takes one minute to learn what to do to help someone who is Suicidal!

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Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Connect with a Psychologist/Suicidologist/Mental Health Skills Coach Right Now

Since launching my Online Private Practice, I have learned that leveraging technology to “Walk with Someone Through a Mental or Emotional Health Crisis” is how mental health care should be provided.

Hear what clients are saying:

  • “I am so thankful for your practice. You don’t need our testimony to grow but we would love to share how God has used you to bring healing to our family.
  • “Thank you again for this approach to psychology. It is helping save our family.”
  • “Your consistent text conversations has completely changed my brother’s attitude and mental health”
  • “I can’t believe you do this for a living. That you tell people you are only a text away.”
  • “Again, I am so grateful. You have literally been the difference between losing my brother today. Words cannot express my gratitude.”
  • “Thank you so much! I would not want to be on this journey without you!!”
  • From a Parent of a High Schooler, “I felt so much better while away knowing you would be checking in with him daily!!!”

‘I’m a 41-year-old female. Dr. Ferguson has helped changed me from the inside out. I was cutting a lot and having suicidal thoughts quite often. He did nothing but show compassion to me. He explains things in a way you can visualize it. He helped me see things in a different way. I have grown so much by him ‘walking through life ‘ with me. I have been totally changed. He showed me what to do with my thoughts and that I won’t stop having them but I can still live a happy life and it’s ok to not be ok. I would highly recommend him in letting him help you. He is caring, compassionate, helpful, resourceful, nonjudgemental. He helped me get through some things in my past I hadn’t dealt with and trust me I was not very nice in what I was saying. Most of all he is following his heart and doing the work of God and what He has placed in his heart. I will forever remember all he did and all he taught me and will be forever grateful.’


To get started simply Text Dr. Mike at 417-501-9662! Today your life, or the life of your teen, can be different.

Until Next Time,

Dr. Mike

The Black Hole of Mental Health Care Delivery

What happened to one family because of this great Abyss

Since launching my Online Private Practice, at the first of 2017, I have become keenly aware that the delivery of mental health care must change.

As a Psychologist/Suicidologist, and what I see myself as now, a Mental Health Skills Coach, with the leverage of technology, I have been able to “walk with those through life who are battling an emotional crisis.”

What I did not anticipate when I launched my Online Practice, were the opportunities, and better care I could provide those who were willing to connect with me as a Mental Health Professional.

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