Click this Cover to Buy your Quick Reference Guide Now!

Click this Cover to Buy your Quick Reference Guide Now!

This is the first of its kind. A Quick Reference Guide that gets to the point of how to help a spouse, child, a parent, a sibling, a close friend, or someone who in the middle of the night, calls you on the phone wanting to die by suicide.

This is not an EBook that you need to read from cover to cover. Find that section you need, whether it be the warning signs that someone you love and care for is thinking about suicide. Or, how do I ask, and what do I say to find out if they want to kill themselves, and what do I do if they say ‘yes?’

This EBook written by a Psychologist and Suicidologist provides you everything you need to Suicide-Proof you Home and other locations. You will know how to work with your friend or family member to develop a safety plan so the next time they think of wanting to die by suicide they will know what to do.

You will also find in the Quick Reference Guide the facts about suicide and the misconceptions that keep us from helping those we work with, those at our church or agency, and those in our home safe from a suicidal crisis.

The final section of this quick reference guide will provide you apps for know what to do if you are on site with someone who needs help from completing suicide, as well as, smartphone apps for depression screening and mood monitoring for your friend or loved one. Finally, as a Bonus, you will be provided a link to download the EBook in PDF that has helped keep thousands alive in America, ‘Suicide: The Forever Decision.’

This is one reference guide you do not want not to have close to you when the school calls when a teen or adult walks into your workplace office, or your spouse text you or calls you and says, ‘I can’t do life anymore.’ This Quick Reference Guide for Helping those in Acute Suicidal Crisis, equip you to save lives.

The PDF EBook is $7 and will be sent to you immediately. If you want get Certified as a Suicide Preventionist/Interventionist the cost of the EBook and Online Exam is $15. Click here for the Certification Version of the EBook


Click the Cover to Purchase and Download your EBook Immediately

Click the Cover to Purchase and Download your EBook Immediately

Depression, along with Anxiety, is the leading mental health challenge our society faces today. In this 27 page Quick Reference Guide Ebook on 13 Ways to Help Someone with Depression, you will get quick solutions to help a friend or family member who might be facing one of the biggest challenges of their lives, depression.

You will know what to do to help your friend. There are 13 very specific ways to come alongside your family member who desperately needs someone who has depression focused emotional skills; this quick reference guide will give you those skills. You learn how to start the conversation about your friend’s depression. How to be a good listener. When is the right time to be with your friend and help, and when to step back and give them room.

You find one of the most widely used depression assessments used today to help your friend know the intensity of their depression. The Beck Depression Inventory is found in this reference guide and can help you and your family member understand if they are depressed, and how severe it might be.

Finally, this EBook will direct you to two very effective smartphone apps to screen your friend regularly for the ‘depth’ of their depression, as well as, a mood monitoring app so each day you can see how things are improving, or if the depression is getting worse. This will not tell you how and why your friend is depressed but will provide you solutions to their current state of emotions and thinking. If you are looking for solutions to help your friend battle their depression, then this Quick Reference Guide-13 Ways to Help Someone with Depression is for you.

This essential EBook to help a friend or family member battle their depression is only $3.00. Download yours now!



Click the Cover to Purchase Your Ebook today!

Click the Cover to Purchase Your Ebook today!

What do you do now? Your loved one or friend has felt the depression and living life and they cannot endure the pain any longer so they try to die by suicide. However, the sought after ‘completed’ suicide is now called a suicide attempt; because they lived. Now, what do you do? What should I do if this isn’t their first attempt? What do you do right after they are released from the Emergency Room? They are now living with you so what should you talk about, should you rearrange your home to make sure they are safe? If you are a spouse, parent, child or teenager of someone who attempted suicide, how should you act, what should you say, how do you live with the fear that they might try and ‘complete’ suicide. What do you say, how should you talk to them? Are there things you shouldn’t say, words or memories that you should not bring up because you might cause them to attempt again? How can you understand why they tried to die by suicide? How do you make sure your friend or loved one doesn’t have access to things that could end their life? How do you ‘Suicide-Proof’ your home? How can you reach out to a friend or family member who has attempted suicide but they live so far away? How do you help them?

For the first time in written form, this Ebook penned by Dr. Mike Ferguson, Psychologist/Suicidologist, and Mental Health Coping Skills Coach writes to the friends and family members of someone who has attempted suicide. In a very clear, concise, and practical guidance, you will know what to do when you return from the Emergency Room with your loved one who tried so hard to die by suicide. Now that you are back home with your hurting spouse or teenager, you will understand fully how to make the return home, less awkward.

This Ebook provides you with ways to keep your friend or loved one safe, with reducing access to lethal means, and developing a collaborative safety plan to ensure your son or daughter does not seek to ‘complete’ suicide while home with their family. You will read a section about how to help the children in your home process their parent’s or sibling’s suicide attempt. The instruction you read in this one section will help the children in your home and family will not seek to solve their emotional pain through suicide.

Finally, like no other resource on the web, Dr. Mike has provided you a host of Smartphone Apps that can help you understand the moods of your loved one, Apps that provide you with a quick emotional evaluation giving you insight into how Depressed, Anxious, and how severe is their Bipolar or PTSD diagnoses. You will find Smartphone Apps that provide immediate access to the best supporting friends and family members, as well as, Text and Call Helpline numbers to help you and your family member walk through very dark moments.

This Ebook, unlike anything found on the web, is a comprehensive resource so you can know what to do after a suicide attempt. In addition to all that is listed here, you will be given access to a confidential, private channel to Dr. Mike, and if you would like, to a support group of others who have walked, as you have, through someone you love and care about that has sought to die by suicide. This Ebook, After a Suicide Attempt: What Do We Do Now? is one of few books that provide’s practical direction in what to do after a suicide attempt. There are many books and organizations that can help after a ‘completed’ suicide, but how does a family manage after an attempt? When faced with one of the most painful events of our lives, this Ebook will be your playbook. For the sake of your friend or loved one who attempted suicide, read this Ebook and know how to help!

This first of its kind EBook is $12 and can be purchased and downloaded immediately by clicking the Ebook’s cover.

Here are the Contents:

  • C o m i n g H o m e f r o m t h e E m e r g e n c y R o o m
  • F i r s t T i m e V e r s u s R e p e a t A t t e m p t
  • B a c k H o m e : Y o u r l o v e d o n e i s h o m e , n o w w h a t ?
  • S p o u s e s
  • P a r e n t ( s )
  • C h i l d r e n
  • W h a t t o S a y t o a n A t t e m p t e r
  • W h a t N o t t o S a y t o a n A t t e m p t e r
  • W h a t T o E x p e c t
  • S y m p t o m s o f g r i e f
  • W h y ?
  • E x p e c t a l o t o f a n g e r
  • B e k i n d
  • T h i n g s y o u c a n d o t o s u p p o r t y o u r f r i e n d
  • R e d u c i n g a c c e s s t o l e t h a l m e a n s
  • S m a r t p h o n e A p p s t h a t a r e U s e f u l A f t e r a n A t t e m p t
  • 3 M i n u t e D e p r e s s i o n , A n x i e t y , B i p o l a r , a n d P T S D A s s e s s m e n t A p p – W h a t ‘ s M y M 3
  • C o n c l u s i o n

To Purchase and download this Ebook Click the above cover

To Purchase and download this Ebook Click the above cover

This is a 3 in 1 resource! You will learn 43 phrases you can practically say to help calm your anxious son or daughter, a student in your School Classroom, Sunday School, or Youth Group.

These 43 practical phrases will help immediately when your son or daughter or student is feeling overwhelmed and anxious. You will know what to do with an Anxious Child or Student.

The second resource shows you how to create a stress-free classroom, home, or church-atmosphere. This section of the 23 page Ebook will give you ideas on how to help your child or student with back to school or daily school attendance anxiety. You will know what to do and what to say to your child.

The third resource in this 3 in 1 Ebook, is creating a stress-free school day morning. You will find practical direction to prepare for a school morning, and what to do and say to a child who faces a tough morning knowing they have to go back to school.

The goal is to lower your anxiety, as well as, your child’s. As a Bonus to this Ebook, you will receive a 256 page Book entitled, ‘Overcoming School Anxiety: How to Help Your Child Deal With Separation, Tests, Homework, Bullies, Math Phobia, and Other Worries.’ in a PDF format.

We want you to feel good about the information you get from these resources. However, if for any reason you are not satisfied with this Ebook, or the Bonus Book, we will return your money with no questions asked. I want to simply put into your hand’s practical tools that can help you know what to do to lower your child’s or student’s anxiety.

This excellent resource can be purchased for $3.00 by clicking on the Ebook’s cover. Get your copy, along with the bonus book today!

FREE Downloadable Ebook

How to increase your self-esteem This 28 page Quick Reference Guide EBook is for anyone who wants to increase their self-esteem, and it is absolutely FREE to download

Click the cover to download your Ebook for FREE!

Click the cover to download your Ebook for FREE!

It is particularly relevant for people who feel that low self-esteem may be affecting their mental health, hindering them in living the life they desire and hurting their relationships, and confidence at work.

It explains the causes of low self- esteem, suggests strategies for dealing with it and, also includes information for friends and family. This is the most practical solution-focused EBook you will ever read. You will not find these tips and ideas anywhere and I believe you will forever be changed.

Here is a list of what you will find in the EBook:

  • What is self-esteem?
  • What causes low self-esteem?
  • How is low self-esteem related to mental health?
  • Mental health problems can cause low self-esteem Cycle of low self-esteem and mental health problems
  • What can I do to build my self-esteem?
  • Learn to be assertive
  • Learn to identify and challenge negative beliefs Focus on positive things
  • What other help is available?
  • Talking treatments Mental and Emotional Health Skills Coach
  • What can friend’s and family do to help? 10 tips to increase your self-esteem Get Yours Now!