The Black Hole of Mental Health Care Delivery

What happened to one family because of this great Abyss

Since launching my Online Private Practice, at the first of 2017, I have become keenly aware that the delivery of mental health care must change.

As a Psychologist/Suicidologist, and what I see myself as now, a Mental Health Skills Coach, with the leverage of technology, I have been able to “walk with those through life who are battling an emotional crisis.”

What I did not anticipate when I launched my Online Practice, were the opportunities, and better care I could provide those who were willing to connect with me as a Mental Health Professional.

  • Grandparents who retain me to connect with their young adult grandchildren who are at a pivotal moment in their lives.
  • Moms and Dads who already get that their teens are texting, and using that form of communication to help their vulnerable teens to navigate this time of their life in a healthy way.
  • Rural towns, where an adult has to drive two hours or more to get to the nearest counselor or Psychologist, now can connect with a nonjudgemental, skilled mental health professional from the comfort of their home, maybe while even sitting on their back porch.
  • And…

Families with sons, daughters, brothers sisters, and parents, who do not know how to follow the path of the twisted road of mental health care delivery, and need a Family Mental Health Consultant to help them know what to do!


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Using text messages, video sessions, and a secure online HIPPA compliant Virtual Office, where you have a file for resources for you or your loved one to use, and a place to journal and get a response if needed, and the ability to schedule your session appointment without talking too, driving too, or calling anyone to get the mental health care you or your family member needs, is delivering Mental Health Care in the age of “Uber.”

Recently, a family found themselves in the midst of a moment of son’s Psychosis and had no one to turn too for help. Someone provided them my text number 417-501-966, and within minutes I was using the text line to provide them counsel, direction, and peace because they had someone who knew what to do.

Within a couple of hours, their loved one was talking to me, via a HIPPA compliant Video, assessing the situation, then with permission, providing the family direction on what the next steps should be. Later that night I received a text that read:

‘Thank you for being here for our family. I can’t believe you do this for a living. Your quick response by using text and phone calls has literally been the difference between losing my loved one today. Words cannot express my gratitude.’

This is just one family’s story.


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A story that would unfold the next several days, in which I connected with them consistently through text, phone, and providing the loved one and the family with how to navigate the Mental Health Madness.

The Story of One Family Who Didn’t have “In Your Life Counseling.”

Sadly, this story you are able to listen to below captures this families pain, and the outcome when a Family Mental Health Consultant isn’t employed. It is a moving story of how a family sought to navigate the abyss of Mental Health Care Delivery, but along their journey, they lost one son to suicide and the potential of another son’s death by suicide.

Listen to this moving interview by clicking the link below:

If you or someone you love is facing an emotional crisis, today, right now, you can get them help. Grab your smartphone and Text me, at 417-501-9662 or email me at!

I am here to walk with you through life,

Dr. Mike